We are a association of freelances specialized in the conception and realization of communication supports. A team work where everyone contributes with their skills to improve the project.
SixtytwoDesign gather through his experience, a large panel of communication tools. We’re able to create, design and adapt your visual identity on many supports respecting your objectives.

Services :
- Webdesign and developement
- Flash animation
- Motion design & Compositing
- Graphic design

They trusted us :
Alternatives theatrales, Adjugo, IBA, Outsoon, Lowe Brussels, Cimatics, Fgtb, Bliss, Citytools, Philip Morris,Alken Maes, Leffe, Victor 3d, Ola, Proximus, Mobistar, Sodestrim, Electrolux, Vizzion Europe, B-Fix

Contact :
Julien Hoste : +32 479 53 99 64 : julien@sixtytwodesign.com
Mathieu Creed : +32 479 81 03 64 : mate@sixtytwodesign.com

Friends :
Dbaa, Studio rvb, Adiict, Elzo, 30sec,...

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